When you sweep the floor...

√ It cannot remove all the dust;

√ In many instances the broom just moves the dust from the floor to the air.

√ You can only sweep solid waste, not liquids.

When you mop the floor...

√ A mop cannot pick up solid waste.

√ A mop won’t hygienically clean your, as you re-depositing dirty water on your floor.

√ Traditional mopping consumes more water. Can leave a smell on the floor.  

When you vacuum the floor...

√ Dust blown back into the environment.

√ Dust can be re-deposited, to the air.

√ Higher noise level.

√ Cannot hygienically clean your floor, can only remove solid waste.

When you Hizero the floor...

√ It collects solids, liquids, and hair at the same time and automatically separates them.

√ Clean water is used constantly, making for a Hygienic clean.

√ No dust blowback or fumes, no need for Hepa filters.

√ Quiet like a conversation at 60dB.

√ Cordless 60 min runtime.

What Makes a Hizero Special?

  • Hizero UltimateClean™ Technology

    Hizero introduces No Suction Technology. Which means not only do we clean your floor, but we do it without the need for filtration, dust being blown back into the room, and we use less power.

  • Polymer Cleaning Roller

    Our specially formulated cleaning roller, can pick up all types of waste without scratching your floor or leaving an odour on it.

Easy Floor Cleaning

1. Sweeps and mops at the same time. Saving you time and effort, and of course you don’t need a traditional mop! 

2. Features AirDry technology. Unlike a traditional mop, AirDry leaves minimal water. So your floor is not only clean but dry in a short period of time. 

3. Separates liquids and solids, so no need for you to separate them, we have done it for you already.

Real Time Self Cleaning

Our unique polymer roller is self cleaning during operation. This means your floor is always being cleaned with clean roller constantly. This means we are not redistributing any dirt back on your floor.

Dust Free

Our innovative Polymer Roller Technology, does not rely on suction like a traditional vacuum cleaner. Without suction we do not emit any air, which could contain dust. Without dust emission, we can reduce the likelihood of dust causing any irritation to your breathing. Also, another benefit is no need for any motor filters!


At just 60dB we are as quiet as a normal conversation. So, we won’t disturb anyone in the home. Just think while your child is sleeping, you could be quietly sweeping and mopping your floor.

60 Minute Cleaning Time

An unrivalled 60-miniute run time, will allow you to clean more floor and charge less. Who wants to run out of charge in the middle of sweeping and mopping your floor? With a Hizero we not only increase the run time to 60 minutes, but reduce energy consumption as well.

Hygienic Floor Cleaning

We only use clean water on your floor during the whole process, so no longer will you redistribute any dirt on your floor. This means all dirt, dust, liquids and food scraps will be picked up in one easy motion. For an even better result we recommend, to use HygieneHero our specially formulated cleaning solution.

Meet the Hizero Cleaner

Hizero Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner goes beyond a vacuum. It sweeps, mops, and picks up wet and dry spills on any hard floor, allowing people to enjoy cleaner, healthier, and easier lifestyles.

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